Winter 2010-2011

We are headed into winter with some recent cold weather. We are seeing more viral illnesses coming in, with some disturbance in patient’s asthma often occurring. This fall was a mild pollen season, and we all probably needed a rest after the high pollen spring of 2010. Patients should have received their flu shots by now, but December is not too late in case you forgot. Stay on your inhaled steroid for winter, as this is the season where viral illnesses can tip the asthma into an acute attack. There is a short wait for new patient appointments this winter, so this may be a good time to consult an allergist before Spring comes again.
Be sure to check our “allergy links” page, which has great general medical references like the National Library of Medicine, links to pictures of the Arizona flora, and even info on complementary medicine. Check the drug discount llnk with discounts on not only Allergy and Asthma medications, but on all types of medications that family members may be taking, including OTC medicines.

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