Vaccine success

This week pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced that their new covid – 19 vaccine showed 90% efficacy. In other words subjects who received the vaccine were 90% protected from getting covid – 19 disease. As a point of reference the annual flu vaccine Is between 40 – 60% effective in preventing influenza.

What makes this more amazing is that the new vaccines including this one do not contain coronavirus. Instead this vaccine contains the genetic code or messenger RNA to produce the spike proteins that occur on the surface of a coronavirus.

This study involved 44,000 patients and 94 subjects became ill with covid – 19. Most, if not all, of the subjects who became infected received the placebo.

Side effects were minimal including fatigue, headaches, and chills that were very short lived.

This incredible medical breakthrough was a direct result of the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed which produced lifesaving vaccines safely in 5 months rather than 5 years.

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