How to save money on your medications

While this time of year can be wonderful with the up-coming holidays, it can also be stressful as financial issues can become more apparent.  One way to help with these difficult times is to take advantage of the savings and discounts now being offered by many of the drug companies towards your monthly medication co-pay.  Historically these saving were only provided to patients with new prescriptions, however many companies have now extended this to those who may already have an active prescription.  What I suggest to all of my patients is to search for their medication on-line, go to the manufacturer’s website to see if there are any savings coupons available for their medication.  Some of the sites may require you to register with the goal of keeping you updated on your medication and any additional savings that might be implemented in the future.  I suggest not only looking at your asthma and allergy medications, but also medications that have been prescribed to you by other physicians.  The discounts may also change after the new year, so it is a good idea to check back with the sites regularly to see if anything has changed, as it often does.

Unfortunately, those who receive their insurance through government agencies such as AHCCCS, Medicare and Tricare can not benefit from these programs, however they will work with all other insurances.  There are even some drug companies with programs that provide saving to those without insurance or who pay for their medication out of pocket!

hint: just type the medication full name and then “.com” and this often leads to the discount offers, i.e. Proventil, or