Covid-19 Update

The viral pandemic is continuing through summer, as this coronavirus appears quite different from most respiratory viruses. It appears the virus is not seasonal and doesn’t seem to be affected by climate as most respiratory viruses are. For instance, influenza virus is predominate in the winter months, and becomes dormant in the summer. We are following all CDC recommendations including wearing masks and requiring patients to wear masks, social distancing, and limiting the number of patients our office at one time by having patients come in by appointment for their allergy injections.

ACTIV (Accelerating Covid – 19Therapeutic Interventions and Vaccine ) is a coordinated research response to the Covid – 19 pandemic. This is bringing together the National Institutes of Health, the Health and Human Services office of the government and private industry and is progressing at breakneck speed. We will have a vaccine by mid-fall.
The vaccine may initially be given to select groups such as nursing home residents and medical personnel. Hopefully persons will put aside superstitions and suspicions regarding vaccines, as we will need widespread application of this vaccine. The only other way to approach herd immunity is for virtually everyone to contract this disease, which is not acceptable.

covid-19 update

As of May 1, 2020 Arizona has recorded 7648 confirmed cases of Covid–19. Of course over half of these persons have recovered and would likely not be shedding virus. However even if you doubled the amount of cases, assuming that everyone has not counted, and divide that by the 7.5 million people in this state you come up with 0.2% incidence of confirmed disease. This means that 2 people in a thousand have this illness and in one of the two the illness is not active.
Continue to take sensible precautions as we do in our office.
We are open and patients can come in safely to maintain their asthma management or to receive allergy injections. We are doing this by appointment and have a minimal number of persons in the office at the same time

Alvernon Allergy Open

We have made some important changes in office policy so that we can remain open and as a medical resource to the community. Our allergy injections are now by appointment only, so we are controlling patient flow; we often have no more than 2-3 persons in our entire large waiting rooms. We are maintaining social distancing, wearing masks when in proximity of patients, disinfecting surfaces all day. Hence you are probably safer coming in to our offices for an appointment than you are going to the grocery market or your pharmacy.


Our two offices are currently open and we are giving allergy injections according to our customary schedules. We are directing patients with dry cough and fever to go to the medical centers like Banner Hospital emergency or urgent care, where testing is available by appointment. We are using social distancing as much as possible at our office, and when appropriate our staff are wearing masks and we are thoroughly disinfecting all surfaces frequently. As of March 27 there are 500 or so cases documented of covid – 19 out of 7 1/2 million Arizona residents, and although this number may eventually rise there is no reason for panic, nor hoarding of household supplies. We are Americans; we got through the Vietnam War, the Cold War, the 2008 housing/banking crisis, and now we will get through this.

Lots of winter rain, watch for spring trees to bloom

At Alvernon Allergy & Asthma PC, we now have 3 trained specialty allergist/immunologists, all accepting new patients at this time. At all new visits and any recheck visits patients always see an MD with a two-year fellowship completed in Allergy and Immunology.

Physicians in our practice have consistently been listed as national top doctors as reported annually in Tucson Lifestyle Magazine. At times Alvernon Allergy has taken 3 of the 5 slots for local top Allergists/ Iimmunologists.

The American Board of Medical Specialties list only 5 local allergists as having achieved the “maintenance of certification”.  This indicates their board certification is up-to-date and they have passed all continuing education and testing requirements. 2 of these 5 doctors practice within Alvernon Allergy.

Last, but certainly not least, Medicare rates the cost effectiveness of every doctor that sees Medicare patients.  One  may look this up for any MD and  any specialist by googling “Medicare Unmasked, Behind the Numbers”, putting in the city/state/doctor’s specialty. These numbers can give you a relative idea of what you will be charged at various practices; our doctors are the most cost-effective of any private practice of Allergy and Immunology in the city of Tucson, and in the very top percentage for the state of Arizona. This of course with the patient responsible for increasing co-pays and coinsurance, is important for commercially insured patients also, as our cost effectiveness is across the line with all products. Certain local Allergy practices are listed at charging 200% – 300% more than our physicians.

We are ready to see you!





Spring 2018

We are having a warm winter as far, with some rain. It is likely this will lead to an active spring pollen season. Fortunately now our practice has four MD specialists with plenty of available new openings due to the recent addition of our latest physician. That means on every visit you will be seeing an MD specialist who has completed 3 years of either internal medicine or pediatric training, and  a 2 year fellowship in adult/pediatric allergy and immunology.   Our waiting time for a new patient has been dramatically reduced, and sometimes we can get patients in the same week that they call. Remember, if you think you may elect to have allergy skin testing, stop all antihistamine medications at least 5 days prior to your scheduled visit.

Announcing new availability, little or no waiting

Since we have added a new doctor to our practice, the waiting time to see a new patient has been dramatically reduced. We are entering the fall allergy season, when the grasses and weeds pollenate, and November tends to have the highest mold counts. Please call our office to schedule an appointment, and you may be surprised how quickly we can get you in. We see patients with asthma, allergic rhinitis, hives, eczema, drug allergy and sinus disease among other conditions.

Welcome Dr. Christine Kucera

We are happy to announce the addition of our newest M.D., Dr. Christine Kucera.  She is a board certified allergy/immunology specialist with experience working with adult and pediatric allergy patients, previously practicing in Houston, Texas.  We now have 4 physicians available, making the wait for new patient appointments significantly shorter than in the past. We welcome patients of all ages at both of our clinic locations, mid-town and Northwest.


Winter/Spring 2017

We are having a warm winter, and spring could be quite a pollen season. We now have three allergist/immunologists on staff, and may be adding a fourth in summer 2017.  Our practice again had 3 physicians listed on the Top Doctor’s national listing, and we are always seeing new patients. 

Spring 2015

We now have four full-time allergist/immunologists available in our practice. All of us are seeing new patients every day; all patients are evaluated by one of our physicians with a complete history and then an appropriate physical exam. Treatment in  our office is individualized to fit  the needs of the patient, resulting in cost effective care. In fact, Medicare has just released the cost of care per patient of each specialist in the US that sees Medicare patients. Continue reading “Spring 2015”